Monday, October 6, 2008

Horror? Horror.

This is probably the first horror story many of us hear in our lives, sitting in a parent's lap dressed in our pj's. And in many ways it's the purest. A monster stalking the homes of three protagonists. The sensible one defeats it (of course). This monster is Count Orlok peeking through the window and Michael Myers prowling the byways of Haddonfield. It goes right back to Grendel.
The wolf could represent the Depression-era hunger that forces a family to band together. Or it could be a racial other; there's an anti-Semitic version of this cartoon that parallels Nosferatu in its depiction of Jewish people. I think these are good interpretations, but they miss the tale's primal quality.
Something strange comes to your home. Lock the door and kill the lights. Don't linger near the window. It knows you're alone.

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