Monday, November 17, 2008

I Remember Mary, Part 2

Another story of youngsters staring in the mirror and looking for ghouls:

I remember hearing of her one day at summer camp. Several other kids my age (I was about 11) gathered in a small cabin that was used to hold sports equipment to hear someone tell the story of the little girl, Mary White.
She had been murdered, and if you said her name three times while holding a candle in a dark room, her blood-spattered form would appear in the mirror, we were told. But it was dangerous to call her spirit, as she might be inclined to come after you, maybe even kill you. Turn on the lights if you saw her; that would make her go away.
We didn't have a mirror or candles, so after the thrill of hearing the story and talking about Mary wore off, we watched as one kid tried hypnotizing another, just to see if it could be done. (We pretended it was successful although it wasn't.)
When I got home from camp, the first day back I tried summoning Bloody Mary White. Nothing happened, though I could vividly imagine what she looked like, as I had been certain I could summon her, and thought about it a lot at camp prior to going home.
Those were the days when your peers could frighten you more -- and with more vivid images -- than anything shown on TV or at the movies...

- Max
The Drunken Severed Head

I think Max is onto something. Real horror, like Capra films or a root beer float, connects us back to the time when we were kids. That's one of the reason we've become obsessed with the mirror witch. She shows us something we lost. If you want to get it back, and possibly create some deliciously scary film or story, just think:

What really scared you back then?

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