Friday, November 14, 2008

I Remember Mary

Some of my associates at the League of Tana Tea Drinkers (the only federation of horror bloggers that matters!) have shared their experiences with our favorite ghoul in the glass. Here are three of their stories. The last one, based on this movie, gets a little spooky.

I actually got my first exposure to the Bloody Mary legend during a game of Truth or Dare in my best friend's basement when I was 13. The dare was to go in the bathroom, turn off the light, and say Bloody Mary's name three times. When you turned the light back on, you were supposed to briefly see a bloody female face in the bathroom mirror behind you. I don't think I saw anything, and in all brutal honesty, for those who have, it probably has something to do with the quick shift in lighting playing tricks on the retina or something like that. Still, it's all in good fun. Can't really remember the legend behind it, other than that she was a girl who was somehow murdered for whatever reason.
Much more recently, I was shocked to find the legend alive and well when my 7-year-old daughter came home from school telling me all about how her best friend told her about it in class. She's since gotten so terrified by the whole thing that she's made me take down the full-length mirror we had hung beside her bed! Good urban legends never die, I suppose...
-Brian Solomon
The Vault of Horror

I first heard the story when I was in fourth grade. It was going all around the classroom and one girl had scratches on her arm to prove that she had done it and had seen her! Of course I -- still believing in the Easter bunny and Santa Claus and also loving anything scary -- just had to try it.
I went home from school that night, scared and giddy, ready to give it a go. I went into my dad's room which had a large mirror in it and closed the door and turned out the lights. Then I did the little ritual you were supposed to do (at least as it was told to me) - you were supposed to stand before a mirror in a dark room and spin around saying "Bloody Mary" seven times, then as you stopped and looked into the mirror she would be standing behind you and she would reach out and scratch you.
I did it and of course, nothing happened and I felt silly. :)

- Absinthe
Absinthe's Gloomy Sunday

Although I never tried the Bloody Mary challenge, the Candyman series which had a similar test in it, gave me and my daughter a real scare. I don't expect anyone to believe the story, but it happened. When my daughter was about 11, she had seen some of my Candyman video as I watched it. She and I were alone in the house one evening, I was in the living room and she was in her bedroom. My wife was out that night. Suddenly I heard a door slam very loudly and with extreme force, and my daughter screamed.
She was pale as a ghost and ran into the living room asking if I had slammed her door shut. I told her I had not, and she said it had slammed shut by itself. She had been trying out the Candyman mirror thing, and as soon as she had finished, the door to her room slammed shut.
I thought at first she was playing a game on me, but she seemed so shaken that I believed her as she begged me to tell her if I had actually done it, perhaps to scare her. We went into her room, and while there, a loud pounding came down the side of the outside wall.
The sound of heavy footsteps seemed to run up the back porch, and then a pounding on the wall continued on beyond the porch railing and down the rest of the outside wall... all at porch level, which was about four feet higher than the ground. I rushed out the back door and there was no-one around.
No-one could have hit the siding at that level after leaving the porch even if there had been someone running up on it. After that she promised never to try it again, and to this day refuses to watch it.
I reassured her that the character was only fictional, but I do believe that something listening did use her chanting of the mirror invocation to frighten her, and me also. Something that was in that house, which I was glad to leave behind when we moved. We two know it happened, if no-one else believes it.
- Frederick
Monster Memories

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  1. I grew up in middle Tennessee, and we didn't have any Bloody Mary legend - instead, we had the Bell Witch. (Since I'm certain you and any readers here know that story, I won't bother with details.) We'd turn out the lights, stand in front of the mirror, and chant, "I'm not afraid of the Bell Witch", all the while shaking in our shoes.


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