Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa Trauma

I may be dabbling in childhood horror, but the folks at Kindertrauma have created an entire blog on the subject. I love everything about this site, from the sickly pink coloring to the banner clowns. One of my favorite sections -- "Name That Trauma" -- has readers call in for help to identify TV clips, toys, and other sundries that scared the crap out of them when they were young.

Naturally they've dug into the Christmas season with a vengeance, unearthing claymation abominations, Nutcracker nightmares, and the Little Matchstick Girl. My pick of the season has to be the Santa clip below, which they found on Youtube (Here is the whole post). It's a series of terrified kids sitting on the fat man's lap. Sorta sick and wrong, but gripping. While watching, look away from the children and notice the Santas themselves. Many of them are actually objectively scary. I was never frightened of Kris Kringle. Why didn't I notice what a terrifying bastard this guy was? Discovering this for myself is a real Christmas Miracle. Thanks, Kindertrauma!

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