Saturday, December 13, 2008

Terrors Outside Your Window

The tree branches outside my bedroom window looked like a witch to me when I was really little . When the wind blew and the branches scraped my window I swore the witch was trying get in to get me. Rationally I know there is nothing outside my window, but I won't sleep facing a window cause I don't want to give the thing outside my window any power.

There's a movie Disney put out in the early 80's called The Watcher in The Woods starring Bette Davis and that skater chick from Ice Castles. I'm 33 and I will never watch this movie again. I don't even know what scared me so much about this movie. There's a scene where the blond girl is blindfolded in the woods and there is a shard of a mirror in a tree that reflects her image. Let's just say that if I went camping and saw a shard of a mirror embedded in a tree at night I'd be done camping for forever.

Hampton Roads, VA

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  1. I was amazed and surprised by this Disney movie. The ending blew me away. But before I got to it, the creepy factor here is high. I recommend to anyone not to watch this movie alone. And yes, it's a Disney movie!?


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