Monday, February 16, 2009

Twelve Things About Me

1. I love the smell of old houses.

2. I hate the smell of wet earth.

3. I like driving at night with the radio turned all the way up.

4. When I was barely two I took a fall and still have the scar beneath my hairline.

5. I lost a coat long ago – blue cloth – and I still miss it.

6. When I was six my bicycle hit a rock, and I tumbled over the handlebars. I keep a chip of the
cast in the crawlspace behind my old closet.

7. People tell me I should leave for a new home, but I can’t.

8. The accident I had when I was 18 was quite severe, and there was a notice in the paper.

9. The driver of the other car survived.

10. I spent the night in the hospital’s coldest room.

11. I used to be afraid of the dark.

12. I stand in a corner watching you read my words.
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