Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Infamous Witch of Pungo

I recently shot some photos of the site which commemorates my hometown's very own witch trial. The defendant in this case was Grace Sherwood, known locally as the Witch of Pungo.

Here is the marker with the whole sad story. I will be posting more details soon.

For some reason they wanted to Disney this up with a cute little woodland animal. Grace is about five seconds away from getting a nasty bite on the ankle... and then rabies. She's been tried, convicted, jailed, ducked in the water, and now this. Thanks, universe.

Former Governor Kaine gave the poor woman a pardon after efforts by a Virginia Beach resident named Belinda Nash to fight for Grace. Here's a copy of the letter. Note the governor's courageous, politically risky stand against trial by water. Don't snicker, people. In Texas something like that can cost you an election.

For the whole series of 14 photos go here.


  1. Ah, good ol' Witchduck Rd. Is it me, or did they totally botch the second paragraph of that letter? Thanks for sharing your photos, Paul.


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