Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Unique Haunted House Movie

I just watched Session 9 the other day and found it to be pretty inventive and scary. The movie takes place in a haunted house over the course of a week, and it stars David Caruso as exactly the kind of angry loudmouth who's still behind you a hundred percent, man! that you expect him to play. Every haunted house story has to answer one question: Why the hell would anyone stay in this godforsaken place that's obviously soaked in ultimate evil? This movie had a pretty unique way of dealing with that dilemma. And it managed to provided good startling moments all the way through to the end.

So, friendly readers: What's the most unique haunted house movie/story/novel/real-live account you've ever heard of? Where was it, and why did the characters have to stay there after they first heard the whispering voice tell them to get the hell out? I'd love to know.

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