Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bog Bodies - Ghoulish Evidence of Ancient Rituals

The fellow above is "Red Franz," named for his lovely, preserved hair. Peat cutters discovered him in Germany more than a hundred years ago, and he lived between 200 AD and 400 AD. I found the photo on the website of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. But it was on that I learned how he died:

Museum curators only detected the actual cause of Franz’s death, when, after decades of being displayed on his back, they turned him over onto his abdomen and saw evidence of a deep gash in his throat, still visible in the remaining soft tissue of the back of his neck and shoulders.

An article in the Independent describes him as a murder victim -- he was so well-preserved that locals called the police when they first found him, thinking he was recently killed. But some bodies found in bogs in northern Europe may have been victims of human sacrifice. How often this really happened is a controversy. But I will be digging into the subject.

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