Saturday, September 11, 2010

Loftus Hall: A Haunted Hotel in Ireland

According to the hall was bought by the Loftus family in 1666 and has long been known for its supernatural activity. And they've had a celebrity visitor. From the site:

"On a stormy winter's night as the family relaxed before a roaring log fire, a stranger arrived on horseback, and was invited to stay the night. After the refreshments he participated in a game of cards. During the game a card fell upon the floor. A lady who bent down to retrieve the fallen card was shocked to discover that the stranger had a cloven foot! Immediately she screamed in terror. The "stranger" vanished through the ceiling in a puff of smoke."

(Note: Originally uploaded to Flickr by "Wexxie," and reposted through the Flickr's "share" function. Click on the photo to get the full image on Wexxie's album.)

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