Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Killing Vampires, Necromancy, and Making Pacts with the Devil

Here is footage collected by the creators of Across the Forest: Tales from Transylvania (not the trailer, which I posted earlier). I assume this made it into the final documentary, because it is WILD. A man admits to making a pact with the devil to get a strigoi out of his tree. A woman describes how she pounded a nail into a corpse to end the curse of a vampire. Another guy admits to dabbling in necromancy. This looks like a fascinating film.

I am using the term "strigoi" interchangeably with "vampire." Is that accurate? Eh, kinda sorta... The Stoker scholar Elizabeth Miller has a whole discussion on whether Transylvania has "vampire folklore." I think the terms are close enough; vampires are pretty universal. But check it out for yourself.

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