Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cropsey and The Bunny Man -- Maniacs of Legend

Cropsey is a fascinating and very disturbing documentary about two people from Staten Island who investigate a bogeyman legend from their childhood and discover that it may connect to a string of children who have disappeared around an abandoned mental hospital. They don't give you any easy answers to help you sleep at night. It's a perfect fusion of documentary and horror, and it will leave you pondering just what the Cropsey legend is all about.

On the film's website, they dig into the story behind the name Cropsey itself. And over at the website of the New York Folklore Society's magazine Voices, there is a nice article about the legend. The ID Channel also has an examination of the movie and the legend behind it. Also, on a website that collects stories from Brooklyn Scouts camps, a man named Bernie Lerner remembers his own encounters with the Cropsey Maniac that date back to 1935!

As I dug into this, I discovered a similar legend from closer to my home -- an axe-wielding maniac dressed in a bunny suit who terrorized lovers parked in cars in Northern Virginia. And the Bunny Man, like Cropsey, is part legend and part reality. Brian A. Conley, historian-archivist at the Fairfax County Public Library digs into the story and finds some surprising answers. But you always knew the bogeyman was real, didn't you? He's always just down the street... or right outside your window.

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  1. Hi Paul. I came upon this article of yours while doing research into the Cropsey legend for an upcoming documentary I am putting together. I am actually getting help and guidance from the New York Folklore Society in this pursuit. I wanted to let you know about it since it seems the legend is of some interest to you. I would love to hear more about the Bunnyman, as I need to establish other maniac tales to help prove my hypothesis of who I think the Cropsey legend is actually based off of. Check out my FB page for more info on the project or shoot me a message at Thanks!


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