Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Crumpled Note Inside The Door

You don't know me. I fixed some things while you were away. I noticed the faucet on the side of the house was leaking, so I tightened it. I figured you might not be back in time to prevent real damage. It had to be done. The faucet in your backyard is fine.

The door to the garage doesn't lock properly. I oiled the bolt, and now you'll be able to close it to secure that entrance. You've let that go, but it's important.

The entrance to the crawlspace was hanging loose, and I found evidence of rats. They seem to have pulled out insulation in places, but I repaired all that as well. It took some time, but none of your neighbors came by to ask about it. You have nice neighbors. People who keep to themselves and don't pry.

On the upper floor there were several windows with broken latches. I wondered if you even noticed, but I replaced them. I cleaned as well. You had some filthy spots in your bathroom and kitchen. It could attract all kinds of pests.

And I replaced the air filter, which hasn't been done in some time. You want to do that once a month, because you can get respiratory infections. You have a family, and you need to take care of them. They could get something serious, especially that newborn girl of yours. Your wife would never forgive you.

You're very lucky to have this house. I hope you appreciate it. I hope you're grateful.

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  1. Really creepy. I read this one twice, and the creepiness factor is magnified on a second reading as the subtle implications of everything begin to build.


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