Friday, December 10, 2010

Please Help Me Decipher This Occult Language

I received an "artifact" with this printed on it. I will not be able to describe the artifact -- it would be dangerous in some way to the giver if the information leaked out. But I am trying to figure out what these symbols mean. A friend of mine who has some expertise in languages told me she does not believe it is an actual spoken language. More likely it is a system of symbols, like Enochian. But I can not find it.

Does anyone know what it is? Autographed copies of my two books go to the first person who can figure this out.


  1. The outer ring looks kind of like Amharic, an Ethiopian language. The inner ring looks almost, but not quite, like old South Arabian.

  2. Did you ever figure this one out? If you didn't, or if anyone else stumbles on to this post and is curious about the answer, it's Glagolitic script. No idea what, if anything, it says.


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