Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meet Robert the Doll - A Truly Weird Story

Robert the Doll was a cherished possession of an artist in south Florida named Robert Eugene Otto. Otto loved Robert. Evidently Robert kind of took over his life.

To see some coverage (and creepy pictures) of Robert from a local CBS station, go here. And if you want to make friends with Robert, and possibly spend the night with him, click this link. Good luck.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Calls for Cthulhu - A Youtube Series

Zombo's Closet of Horror has a great roundup of H.P. Lovecraft offerings on the web. I have a weakness for the gibbering, cyclopean horror. And it inspired me to dig this up.

Below is what happens when the corpse of Jim Henson is reanimated and transported by Shoggoths to R'Lyeh to produce a Youtube show. You're welcome. (And here is the website.)

Witches in Colonial America

I've been digging into witchcraft lore lately -- partly to follow up on the Grace Sherwood case -- and I came upon a fascinating collection., a genealogical research group based in Utah, has amassed a list of accused witches in Colonial America here. The vast majority of cases are in Massachusetts, but there are a fair handful in my state of Virginia. In Princess Anne, VA -- where Sherwood's case occurred -- Anne and John Byrd also faced accusations of witchcraft at the end of the 17th century. But according to the site here they sued their accuser for slander.

But here is the one that interests me the most:

Grady, Katherine d. 1654 at sea, VA 1654 H, at sea

The case happened somewhere off the coast of Virginia, and the "H" means she was hung (her date of death and the date of the case are the same for this reason).

What the hell happened? I'll find out more and report back.

Fewdio Has a Chilling Short Movie is an excellent source of short horror films. What I love about it... Well, watch the damn thing first. Don't want to spoil it. I'll post some commentary later.

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