Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Announcements Re: Facebook Use and Organizing a Resistance

Interoffice Memorandum

To: All employees at Karp, MacKenzie, LLC
From: Frank Rust, HR Manager
cc: File

Re: Announcements

Hi everyone! There are a couple of announcements I wanted to get out there.

Karaoke night! Once again Karp Mac is having its annual Karaoke night at Kamikaze's (a map is in your mailbox). We still don't have full participation, and I encourage you to dive right in. Many of you are working hard on the new accounts we acquired last week. You deserve a break. It'll be fun. That's an order. Don't make me come get you! :)

Fundraising at work. Selling candy and cookies for your child's sports team or scout troop is generally fine. We're all part of a family here, and we want to support each other in any way we can. But it shouldn't disrupt anyone's job. Please post a sign in the break room with your extension directing interested parties to contact you. Don't go desk to desk asking for participation. It puts people on the spot and creates a disturbance. The same goes true if you're trying to organize some kind of political group or "resistance." We encourage socializing here. But if you're scaring people with talk about an invasion you have to ask yourself whether that is appropriate for the workplace. After hours, sure. But not while we're getting a job done.

Facebook use. We try to be reasonable here at Karp Mac, and we know you have a life. Still, there's a limit. The rule about Facebook use is that you can check in before office hours and then on your lunch break. Sometimes people forget or have some kind of quick post they want to make. Fine. But when management finds a huge discussion thread right in the middle of the afternoon it doesn't look good -- especially when it's gossip about the office, which is unprofessional and hurts people's feelings (Not to mention untrue; no one at Karp Mac is unable to blink -- that's just bizarre). Don't be the person who gets Facebook banned at the office! :(

15 minute breaks. Your employee manual says you are allowed two 15 minute breaks per day for minor personal errands. But not if it causes a disruption. Hiding in the stairwell to broadcast some kind of message in Morse code on a radio transmitter is not a good use of your time.

Crazy Hat Day. As you recall it was postponed after the tragic accident with Ken. I haven't rescheduled it, because it might just bring up too many bad images. Let's put it on the back burner for now.

Coffeemaker. We've bought a new coffeemaker that makes lattes and espresso. It arrives tomorrow. Yay!

That's all. For now. Have a great day.

Continued here.

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