Monday, January 10, 2011

"The Ghost And Mr. Chicken" -- The Greatest Horror Movie... Or The Greatest Movie, Period?

Critics will be arguing about this for years, and I don't pretend to have any special insight. While Orson Welles himself reportedly wept on his deathbed, despondent that he was never able to create anything as sublime as Chicken, some cineastes maintain that he created a movie about a newspaper publisher which featured moments equal to Don Knotts' 1966 masterpiece. I have not seen the film, and don't plan to, but the point is debatable.

Above is the trailer, but fortunately some thoughtful and possibly insane person has posted the entire film on Youtube in nine parts. Begin your cinematic journey here.

But wait! When you first see the haunted house it will look very familiar. According to IMDB it's on a Universal backlot, the same one where Desperate Housewives was shot. And Wikipedia has it that it's the same haunted house where the Munsters live. But anyone who actually looks at the thing will be skeptical. However, the Psycho house looks exactly like it. And according to Wikipedia it was on a part of the Universal backlot designated as Colonial Street, where Chicken was filmed.

So if Wikipedia is wrong you can always use Wikipedia to check it. Good to know!

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