Sunday, February 20, 2011

Classic Movie Gimmicks at Zombos'

Zombos' Closet has an excellent post on gimmicks that movie theaters of yesteryear used during horror movies. My favorite was Percepto, a buzzer system installed in seats that would zap patrons during the show. It was featured in The Tingler, a 1959 film starring Vincent Price. Above is the introduction to the film. As you can see, the filmmakers are getting people all keyed up to respond to the buzzers.

"The buzzers were small surplus vibrators left over from World War II," according to Zombo.

Which makes me think there was a side to World War II that the History Channel completely overlooked. A really, really awesome side.

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  1. I frakking love The Tingler! I saw it Sci-Fi at midnight when I was, I dunno, before I was a teenager anyway. There was a commercial bump or Masterpiece Theatre-style introduction that mentioned Percepto.


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