Thursday, February 24, 2011

That Severed Head Makes a Good Point

I like to think I have an adventurous spirit. I don't let discouraging talk get in the way of having a good time. After all, when Steve talked about how expensive this hiking vacation would be, traveling into the woods to an abandoned colonial settlement so we could spend a night in the infamous Borley House... I told him it was worth it. And when that strange smell like the burning of incense filled the parlor, I was the one who said we should investigate it while many of you argued the contrary.

But you don't just see a severed head every day, especially one which talks. And the severed head in the corner is starting to make a lot of sense.

I don't necessarily think it has our best interests at heart, mind you. After all, when it told us we would watch each other die one by one through the night, it laughed a bit, like that sort of thing was amusing. So it's not a friend. And even though it's Steve's head, I don't recall Steve ever speaking with that kind of stilted diction, as if he came from an earlier century. Still maybe the severed head knows something we don't.

Steve was always the sensible one, though he was a bit of a wet blanket. And I like to think if Steve's head were inhabited by some kind of undead hell-creature that made it cackle with glee as its eyes rolled in its sockets... it still might have Steve's practical attitude somewhere in there. I believe maybe we should listen to it and "flee from the opening of the Underworld."

There's another side, of course. Some things we might never learn if we leave now. Like, where did the rest of Steve's body go? And just who or what is making that sound like the giggling of a dozen children upstairs? I like solving a good mystery as much as the next guy. Every day you learn something, right? Still, I've gotta go with the head here. Seems like the smart play.

Especially now that the pus is coming out of it, and it has become bathed in unholy light from an unknown source. Yep. That's one sharp noggin'. Good advice.

Let's go ahead and get the fuck out now.


  1. I feel stupid posting this here, but I can't find any other contact information for Paul and I thought he'd be interested in this: "DIALING THE CREEP FACTOR UP TO 11: Photoblogging an abandoned theme park."

  2. Not stupid at all. Just glanced at the pics, but I love 'em. I used to hang out in Coney Island in the off season, and I think abandoned amusement parks are always a good lifestyle choice.

  3. This has got me rolling on the floor! Should be made into a screenplay.


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