Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jesus Is Testing Us With These Counterfeits

Remember how we studied the transfiguration on the mountain last week, and we talked about peak experiences and valley experiences in our faith journey? I really feel like we're in the valley now that we know the money is counterfeit. It would be really easy for us all to turn the cash in anonymously. I'm sure it's occurred to you, especially since the Secret Service got involved and set up that 1-800 number on the case. Kailynn and I prayed about it all last night. Then at 3 am I woke up and reread one of my favorite passages, Matthew 22:17.

Let's open up and read this, shall we? The people try to trip Jesus up by asking whether it's proper to give tribute to earthly governments, and Jesus tells them to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, but render unto God what is God's. It's a real life-lesson, isn't it? How often are we wrapped so tightly in the cares of the world that we forget that God has a claim on us too? A more important claim than any government or law enforcement agency? Now, notice that the first thing Jesus does is ask them whose face and inscription is on that coin. I was reading it again, and praying for the Holy Spirit to give me guidance, and suddenly God spoke to my heart, and do you know what he said?

He said: The first thing Jesus did was ask them to examine the coin in question! To make sure it was a real coin, and not a counterfeit. This is what the Lord told me. You see, a counterfeit bill isn't really legal tender in this country, is it? And these stacks and stacks of -- the friend I spoke to, Dimitry, says they may be North Korean superbills -- these are not really money. And since they're not what is Caesar's, whose are they? That's right. God is using the Word to tell us we need to use this money for His purposes. We need to build up the Pastor Mike Prayer Ministry, and that's going to take courage. Caesar might tell us that not reporting this is a federal crime, but he's not the judge of that is he? Jesus examined the coin, and that is enough for me and Kailynn. Is it enough for you?

Is it?

Okay then. I will talk to Dimitry tomorrow. He works with a group in Brooklyn that can handle distribution of the bills, and they will pay us 10 cents on the dollar. It doesn't seem like much, but Kailynn did her research, and it seems to be the going rate. After we get the bags into the ventilation shaft, we're going to play some Amy Grant and pray for strength in case we get a subpoena. Be strong in the Word, people.

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