Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who Unlocked The Basement Door?

I'm not mad.

I just want to figure out how this happened so we can do something about it. That scraping sound from the porch isn't going to go away, and more of us are going to start turning up like Kevin soon. We need to start levelling with each other now. This isn't about blaming people, Jerry. Don't get mad at me. I'm not the one who opened the goddamn door. It was you, wasn't it?

C'mon people. We can't just stand here all night, huddled in the closet with a hammer and a kitchen knife and a couple of wire hangers. We need to start taking action. Who the hell opened that basement door? The drumming has started. Don't pretend you can't hear it. One of us is going to start speaking in backwards Aramaic, and then the blood will start spurting. Let's just... let's just be honest with each other, okay?

Thank you, Fran. Okay, now we're getting somewhere. We don't have much time. I can already feel the ozone in the air, and the Goat Voice is speaking directly into my mind now. Can I just ask you something? I'm not judging. I'm just curious. Why would you unlock a door that had a sign saying "DO NOT OPEN" in big, blood-red letters with a pentagram on the bottom? After all that happened -- I mean, Kevin was your brother, and we all saw what was left of him trying to crawl out from under the thresher in the barn. I just... I'M NOT MAD, JERRY! I just don't understand.

Yes, there was a sign. There was. I know, because I put it up myself. I taped it to the door while you were trying to call the police. We used the last of the magic ashes to trap the creature down there, and I put the sign up so...

Okay, who removed the goddamn sign?

Guys, I can hear the insect things crawling into the hall. Can we please at least be honest about who removed the sign that told Fran over here not to accidentally release the unholy thing that ate at least a half dozen of our friends this evening? It wasn't Fran, so that leaves Jerry and Steve, because it certainly wasn't me. Can someone at least have the decency to... Yes, I taped it securely, Jerry. You think I'm an idiot? I don't know how old the tape was. Yeah, it was old, but it was all we had. I did my best. I am sure it didn't just slide off the door. Look, I did my best. That old masking tape was all we...

Where was the stapler? Was it under all those papers, or -- Oh. Well, we had other stuff to think about, you know? I mean, that's right after we found the first chunk of hiker. Okay, okay... I understand.

Well, it appears that I might actually be partially at fault here. For that I apologize. I certainly don't want to spoil things between us -- those creatures are scratching on our door. They'll have to break through, so there's still some time for us to make this right. No, I didn't leave the key out in the hall. Why would I do that? Here it's right... It's...

Okay, it seems like everything is wrapped up, explanation-wise. I'm pretty sure we would have died anyway. Can we please just drop this?

(Note: Photograph by Garrettaggs posted under this license.)

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