Friday, April 8, 2011

Why The Hell Are You Still Videoing This?

I just don't understand, Todd. Before we figure out how to unlock this portal and get out of the mineshaft... I want you to come clean about why you insist on recording all this.

I could see why you'd want to make a documentary about this place for your class. I was curious too. Hell, I wanted to learn the truth behind the legend of the burning footsteps, and whether they were connected to the '86 cave-in. I was half-hoping we'd see one of those red caps you kept talking about. It even made sense you'd bring a top of the line audio set and two different cameras, although that grainy black and white footage you keep taking seems more like a dramatic film than a documentary.

But that's not the point. The point is that two people are now dead, and you keep shooting this stuff. Why the hell are you doing that? What's wrong with you? Why would any normal person want to record the deaths of his loved ones?

We know what we're up against, Todd. Or at least we have a good idea, from the sound of that weird screaming and the legends we read back at camp. If we're going to fight it together I'll need to trust you. But right now, it's like I don't even know you, man. Who would keep two cameras and an audio system rolling while their girlfriend of two years and their high school buddy were devoured by some kind of glowing thing that sprang from a crack in a wall? Seriously, how could a human being do that?

I'm ashamed to say I ducked behind a rock for cover when the bloodletting started, and that burning smell filled the air. I abandoned my friends. But you... the way you wept like a child... but still somehow had the presence of mind to adjust the filter so you could capture the slightly glowing eyes of the predator while it swallowed the rest of Janet... You don't seem to be afraid, the way people are when their lives are threatened, or when their friends are killed. It's strange to say, but you're not acting like a real person, Todd.

You say you want to leave behind a record of what happened here in case we die. But why? I've already written this note for the police and left it in my backpack. It contains the annotated map of the mine complex. There's no reason they'd need actual footage of all of us being eaten. No goddamn reason. What purpose would that serve? You think they'd show something like this to people? What kind of sick bastard would show a movie like this, and what kind of freaks would watch it?

Well, we're not going to settle this now. And it's sad to say, but if we actually get past those things and make it to the surface I don't think we can be friends anymore. Anyway, right now we need to do our best to just survive the next few minutes. So you MUST put that camera down.

Fine, Todd. Fine. Whatever. Just rest the camera on that rock, pointing in our direction. We'll just keep it running, while we try to make our escape. I'll turn on the audio too. Yes. Just, just... don't talk to me anymore.

Unbelievable. You're completely unbelievable.

(Photo by Simon Challands found here.)

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