Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Formative Experience

When I was a young boy, I broke a friend’s toy gun trying to fire clogs of dirt from it. I realized I didn’t want to keep this from my mom -- I did not want to lie or hide it from her. I also realized my mom might be angry at me. My solution was simple. I waited.

I planned to tell her when the infraction had occurred “a long time ago.” This may have just been a week after it happened. I had a different sense of time then. The important thing is that when I finally did make my confession I could be completely honest:

“Mom, I broke a friend’s toy gun.”
Paul...” mom says, almost angry.
“But it happened a long time ago!"
“Oh." Silence.

It was then that I learned that being well-organized is a good substitute for morality.

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