Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm Trying To Be A Better Dad

Luke, you're old enough to make up your mind. I know your mom's family tried to poison you against me before I had them shot to death. But there comes a time in a man's life when he has to take some responsibility. I think you and I should have a bettter relationship.

I've made some changes in my life. I'm on a spiritual path, and I'm learning to define who I am and what I stand for. Dr. Kellerman helped me see that I have serious self-image issues, and I just express that through rage sometimes. I mean, I'm wearing a face mask that makes me sound like an air conditioning unit when I talk. Anyway, that's the real reason I blew up your sister's home planet. I couldn't love myself. Can't we just move past this?

By the way, I just finished The Road Less Traveled, and it really opened some doors. Have you ever read it? You should. It will help you understand things about yourself. I could get you a copy. Come on, just get off that antenna.

It's not like you haven't made mistakes. You could have gotten a free ride at the Imperial Military Academy. You'd probably be an officer by now, and we'd be enslaving the universe together. Instead you went off with that hippy to Mos Eisley to join your little rebel group. When I was your age I already had a job and a family. I was putting in 12-hour days torturing prisoners with my mental chokehold and flying around in a TIE fighter. I know I always put work first, and I'm still trying to deal with that. But I had a sense of reponsibility.

I'm not saying I'll leave the Dark Side. You can't ask that. Crushing people under my iron fist is just who I am, and I am finally centered enough to admit that. I'm not ashamed of my needs. Your mom never understood this. It's kind of why we split up. But just because I'm evil doesn't mean I can't be a part of your life.

Sorry about your arm.

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