Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Okay, I'm Ready To Come Down Now

This is great. This is just thrilling. Glory to the Soviet Motherland! Ha, that'll burn those capitalist bastards. I'm wagging, man. Totally wagging. Can't wait to get back home and tell you guys all about it. Speaking of which: When is that, exactly?

No rush, of course. I know you probably have the whole mission planned out down there. Scientific tests and telemetry experiments and crap like that. Probably got a test tube with some bread mold in here or something. I'm just saying I'm ready for reentry whenever you are.

And I noticed there's no food so I figured this is probably a short flight. I mean, once you've orbited the frickin' world, what else is there? Am I right? Ha! Like I said, it's been just really, really fun. Also, terrifying! I mean, with that lauch I was whimpering and I peed a little. But I figure you guys know what you're doing. You wouldn't just blast me out here without thinking of how to keep me alive or get me back.

Now, if you guys down there can hear me, I just want to say -- no parades! Okay? Just my stufffed squrriel and my fluffy bed, and I'll be good to go. Really. It'll be so much of a relief to just be walking on firm ground again after this great and thrilling and scary ride.

Now is there a button or lever I'm supposed to hit with my paw? Hello? Woof! Woof! I don't see any. Maybe I'll be intercepted by another rocket or somesuch. But it wasn't in the briefing. There actually wasn't much of a briefing at all. Just, "Good dog, Laika! Go into the hatch. Go!" That pretty much covered it. I mean, I'm sure you guys know what you're doing, but I'm a bit confused about my role, and I don't want to be Bad or anything.

Could someone get back to me on this? No rush.

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