Saturday, November 5, 2011

Let Me In.

Thank God you're here. I thought I'd lost you. We might be the last ones! We need to stick together to stay safe. Quick, before anyone comes back. Let me in.

It's really, really great to see your face. You don't know how scared I was that you might not have made it. I mean, I can't quite see you clearly -- you're just a shadow behind that thick, translucent bulletproof glass. But just knowing you're there is enough. Let me in, and we'll plan our next move. It's going to get ugly soon.

I'm sure we can make contact with the authorities if we reach the radio tower. But I don't know how long it will take any of the teams to reach us. We have to act fast to make sure we use the equipment, before it's destroyed by the... well, you know who. I need your help and you need mine. Am I right? Just unlock this and let me in.

It's probably hard to trust anybody, isn't it? I feel the same way. The two of us probably shouldn't link up with anyone. Nobody else at all. Our friends, coworkers -- I mean none of us are really above suspicion. You could even be with them, couldn't you? Hah! I know, I know... it could be me as well. It isn't -- I promise -- but you're right to be wary. Let me in, and we'll steer clear of everyone else.

Look we don't have time for this. I know you're scared. But I promise I'm alright. They're out here, and I'm scared. I'm scared! Please, let me in. Please I swear.

Dammit, open this thing! If you don't... I'm not going to trust you. You really might be one of them. And I'm out here with all the supplies and the weapons... and about 50 lbs. of high-grade explosives in the equipment shed. You remember that, don't you? If you don't prove to me right now that you're not with them I'm going to have to treat you like an enemy. And I'll eliminate you. I'll have to. So let me in.

Okay, okay. There's no need for this to get dark. I mean, we're all friends here. And sooner or later you're going to have to come out. You can't have much food there, right? Water? And what about those air vents? I can just shut those things off from the outside. I mean, let's just... let's just pretend for the sake of argument that I were one of them. Would that really change things? You're in a corner. You're cut off. And you still have that family to think about. You want me to call them right now, bring them into this?

Go ahead. Unlock the door. It won't be so bad, will it? Let me in.

(Photo by Kokorik. License information here.)

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