Saturday, November 5, 2011

Watching This Film Will Destroy You

Don't, I beg of you, click play on this video. It's called The Man In The Lower-Left Hand Corner Of The Photograph, and it's by a guy named Robert Morgan. Seeing it unspool will give you that same feeling the first time you heard about sex and couldn't believe it, multiplied by a thousand. It begins as a darkly beautiful and sad animated movie, and then it gets worse and worse, and at some point you realize there is simply no God. But in a good way. Anyway, don't watch it. Please.

You know what's really funny? Those of you who survived that first part aren't going to think twice about clicking on part 2 (below). After all, it's just the little, nubby four minute end piece. How bad could THAT be, after what came before? Am I right? And the answer is: You have no fucking idea.

(Special thanks to my goooood friend K, who sent me this. Because now it's in my brain, and I am not going to unsee any of it, ever.)

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