Sunday, November 27, 2011

Who Was The First President To Be Called The Antichrist?

Freedom means nothing if it doesn't mean the freedom to be a jackass. In America we have spent more than two centuries proving that political principle again and again. And one of our favorite methods is demonizing -- figuratively and literally -- our fellow citizens.

After Oscar Ortega-Hernandez allegedly told investigators that he attempted to shoot Barack Obama because he thought the president was the Antichrist, Slate pointed out that people have levelled this accusation against him before. It kind of got lost in all that other stuff about how he's an atheist Muslim Manchurian candidate who faked his birth certificate so he could take power and turn this country socialist. But hey, people were also saying he was the Beast of the Apocalypse as well. Slate began to dig into this charge to see how many other presidents found themselves similarly marked. They found quotes of people saying the same thing about Kennedy and Reagan as well, and added:

Perhaps the first U.S. president suspected of being the Antichrist was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt’s extraordinary influence and desire to form a worldwide United Nations raised the suspicions of many conservative Christians. When President Roosevelt began to engage in diplomacy with the Soviet Union, prominent evangelist and politician Gerald Burton Winrod suggested that Roosevelt was at the very least under the influence of the Antichrist, and carrying out his plans.

That can't be the first, I thought. What about Abraham Lincoln? Above is an editorial cartoon from Punch, showing a horned Abe playing the trump card of Emancipation against the South. Anyone who took a US history class can probably remember seeing Lincoln portrayed as satanic. Below is a picture of him drafting the document that freed the slaves with a demon holding his inkwell.

But according to Harry Stout, in Upon The Altar of the Nation: A Moral History of the Civil War, people on both sides of the war were "curiously reluctant" to say that their struggle was against the Antichrist. "Nor was the Antichrist identified with Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis the way he had been with George III," Stout adds. So Lincoln was more of a devil's minion, evidently.

But let's go further back:

For generations, many communities, particularly in the North, continued to regard Thomas Jefferson as Antichrist. As late as 1830 the Philadelphia Public Library refused to keep any works dealing with the life or writings of Jefferson.

This is is from Jefferson by Samuel K. Padover. And it's sort of ironic to find Jefferson's work banned in Philadelphia. I can think of at least one item he actually wrote there that sort of put the city on the map.

So that's the third president of the US. I can't find any evidence of Washington or Adams getting this kind of treatment during their own lives. Today it's a different story. Internet, do your thing:

The Illuminati is the umbrella encompassing all of the higher level Satanists.

There are 13 Satanist family bloodlines in the Illuminati. The blasphemous royal Merovingian bloodline, of the antichrist prince, is the most powerful of the 13 Satanic Illuminati bloodlines. Belonging to this most powerful Satanic bloodline was George Washington as well as George Bush. Today the very same spirit that indwelled Adolph Hitler, indwells the actor and liar and Skull & Bones fraternity brother of Adolph Hitler, George Bush. Geroge Bush is a Satanist who trys to act like a Christian to strongly delude the Christians in America to allow him to put the antichrist snare of the devil in place, not only in America, but world wide. The anti-terrorist laws are antichrist. These laws quickly passed by all "used to be free" nations of the world form the UNlawful basis for the ANTICHRIST WAR ON THE SAINTS.
That is from this website. It's hard to figure out what it's saying. But I don't suppose that matters.

Looks like Thomas Jefferson wins the race, with an honorable mention going to the Father of Our Country. You stay classy, America.


  1. If people pointing fingers to president telling they were the antichrist is funny enough, then it is more than funny when they will not say the antichrist as the antichrist. I might not be clear here. What I meant to mean is that I mean when the Antichrist comes, people will not call him the Antichrist.

    In fact THE Final Antichrist is here and I wonder who is going to call him the Antichrist. Yeah, it's me. I mean, the whole point of being the last Antichrist is the effort and success of bringing the world governments together under one rule. So, whoever brings the New World Order to life should be named the Antichrist.

    I am the one who is going to do that but I don't want to be called as the Antichrist.

    Well, if you thought I am being funny, then have a look:

    1. An anonymous commentator? On the internet? And you have a website to explain things? How could I resist?


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