Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Big "Thank You!" From BP About The Whole Iran Thing

Hey, guys. Over here at BP we decided to take a moment to thank you folks for all the support you've shown us over the years - especially for that absolute solid you did for us in 1953. Back when we were the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, the rulers of Iran wanted to nationalize us and take all the oil away. As you remember they were being really, really unreasonable about it.

Anyway, then the CIA came to the rescue, toppled the government, and just let us go back to doing what we do best. We were looking through the Agency's report over at the National Security Archive, and it just got us thinking about how much we really, really owe you. I mean, if it weren't for you guys, there probably wouldn't even be a BP!

Lately you've been going through some real tension with Iran. In fact, let's face it, things have never really been on solid ground with them in the years since the Shah left. There's been some drama, you know? And we sometimes get the sense that maybe our whole deal was partly to blame. Those guys just do not like you. And it's got to be at least a little bit because of how you stepped up for us. Anyway, it gives us a warm feeling that we have the kind of friends willing to make sacrifices - sometimes serious sacrifices - for us.

We want you to know as you go through tough times ahead we totally have your back. We like to think in the decades after you saved our bacon we've been a good friend and a good corporate citizen. Every day our executives drive to work, and we think about the costs you paid to keep us afloat.

"People put a lot on the line for us!" we tell each other. "Let's make sure we're worth it."

Not to brag, but we think we've done a good job. An almost completely good job.

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