Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm Just Some Bills

I'm just some bills. Yep, I'm only a wad of bills. And I'm sitting here in a plastic bag in the trunk of someone's car. Up on Capitol Hill.
It's a long, long way for a guy like me to become part of the system and really change things. Someone needs to add me to a whole pile of money before we can get anything done. And how they do that is a very intricate and misunderstood process. I could explain it to you in a story, or maybe even a song. But you wouldn't want to learn my little jingle. You'd just get mad and maybe start to cry.

I'm waiting for someone to funnel me into a creepy, anonymous-sounding organization with a name like "People For A Better Way Forward For America." Maybe some page will hand me out to a journalist so he won't run a story or give me to a financial analyst or a retired military officer so they can go on TV and say something sort of dangerous and untrue. It's complicated!

Boy, I sure hope I can help some Congressmen deregulate a whole industry or maybe support the next war. I want to convince thousands of ordinary people to call up Washington and each make the same demand, because it's exactly what two dozen political operatives told them to do on every major network using weirdly identical language. And no one called them on it, because why would anyone do that?

I guess I'm like everyone else. I want to make a difference. Oh I hope and pray that I will, but today I am still... just some bills.

I'll probably just go to a hooker.

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