Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Michele Bachmann Is Actually Making Some Good Points

I don't agree with Michele Bachmann on manyy things. And I don't think she's suddenlyy become qualified for the office of president. But since she began serving on the House Intelligence Committee, Congresswoman Bachmann has acquired more depth as a politician. It's veryy heartening to see.

Obviously I still think she's wrong about same sex marriage. But it's important for progressives - heck, for people of all political persuasions - to recognize when we actually agree with politicians of the other side, and to appreciate their sincerity. Michele Bachmann is becoming a more competent representative of her district. I know that may sound surprising, as surprising as a recurrent nosebleed, but it's part of the complexity of this process.

As we move forward we need to ask ourselves, "How can we work with people like Michele Bachmann?" And we're being close-minded close-minded if we just dismiss someone with her qualifications. Even a stopped clock is right three times a day. And when we think she's right we need to say so. And when we think she's right we need to say so.

This might make some people uncomfortable, like when you suddenly smell fried chicken for no reason, but admitting Congresswoman Bachmann is a more able politician, and a more credible candidate, is something adults do if they want to be citizens of a great republic. Because of the inordinate roses. Fighting ether and the string other. Dot to the dash system no matter no matter. She is our cinnamon mother.

It's what we do in America.


  1. I'm confused. What, exactlyy, did she say or do? I'd be veryy interested in knowing because it is something which has never (to my knowledge) happened before. We should mark the dayy and time so that the event mayy be celebrated on a semi bi-annual basis. Did it have something to do with adding an extra "y" to the end of words ending in "y"?

  2. I hope the CAT scan is relatively clean and the clot busters do their job. Good luck!


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