Thursday, March 21, 2013

At 2:04 Of This Clip Glenn Beck Reveals Exactly What A Tool Is

I love checking in with the crazies featured on Right Wing Watch. If you're a liberal, and you love sampling true, full-blown conservative lunacy this site is like your first kiss, a dish of Breyer's vanilla melted just a little, and the Tom Cruise Scientology video combined. It gives me a giddy and terrible feeling that's pure magic. I'm not exaggerating.

This nugget - a chunk from a Glenn Beck rant - is particularly pungent. He starts off by comparing progressives to Hitler, and then goes so much further than that. Until he's using the American flag in a reenactment of the CPR/death scene in every action movie you've ever watched.

At 1:48 his voice actually turns gravelly with sadness describing how this unfolds - like he's feeling honest emotion about something we know isn't real. He gets caught up in this scene, in his own performance. But that's just the overture. The absolute revelation comes a moment later, at 2:04.

Then he throws the flag away. He tosses it to one side, his focus on it clicks off, and he continues with the acting. Look at his expression and his body language in this instant. It's a prop for him, and he doesn't need it anymore. He does literally what we've all suspected him of doing figuratively. And so have other people on the right. In innumerable ways, they've behaved like that flag, along with everything it represents, is just a tool.

Well... below is a gif of what a tool really looks like. Can we keep it in mind?


  1. :::face palm::::You are right, if the Beckians gain numerical superiority, the heat-death of the universe CAN'T come soon enough.

  2. The irony is that the flag he pretends to love is the symbol of the collective he pretends to hate. You can substitute "USA" for "collective" in his lines, and he'd come out as the kind of un-patriotic guy he'd love to attack.

  3. Wait - did he really put that flag on the FLOOR? Don't we learn when we're, like, six years old that the flag doesn't touch the ground?

    How in the world is he "teaching" us anything?

  4. My fellow True American patriot progressives and liberals fail to understand that the wing-nuts live in a out-of-reality world that's completely out of touch with us or our beliefs since they are steeped in the psycho mentality of the B.S. spoon feed to them by their media. We will never be able to change their reality. They are like gang-members who can only leave the gang by going to prison for life or getting killed. That's why they are buying up all that ammunition and all those weapons that they say President Obama wants to take away from them. So our quandry is how can we defeat them since we aren't going to arm ourselves and go around putting a well-deserved bullet between their eyes.

    1. catch the bottom crawler?

      "Retired cop wants law mandating gun-ownership in every household in his town"

      Because, you know, "Freedom".

      Yes, the disconnect, the cog dis, the bias confirmation, the lack of critical thinking skills, and- here's where you and I disagree- the nonsense that is SHOVEL-FED to them thru an increasingly off-the-rails-crazy rw media... there's virtually no getting those people back, absent some kind of completely paradigm-shattering event.

  5. Okay wait I'm confused- is the flag the thing that's bleeding or the thing putting pressure on the wound? Who uses a tourniquet for chest wounds anyways? And don't moths go to the flame or do flies do that too? Oh all these burning questions, guess I should watch more Blaze TV to find out...

  6. I'd call it a freak show; but that would be an insult to honest, hard-working freaks.


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