Saturday, March 16, 2013

God Never Sends You More Cobras Than You Can Handle

You have to wonder sometimes why bad things happen. Good people are out there facing unemployment, loneliness, sickness, personal tragedy... I mean, the list is endless. But I really, truly believe that suffering is somehow for our benefit. That it has a purpose - even if we can't always know what the purpose is. I'm absolutely certain there's a reason why I was just bitten by five cobras.

Sure I have questions. Everyone does on this crazy planet. Like, if God is all-powerful and all-good, why would He create a universe with pain in it? How can a Supreme Being justify the evils we see all around us? There are some things I don't think we'll ever know, maybe as long as we're alive. Maybe our doubts and our uncertainty are part of the struggle.

Also, why exactly did I mail-order a half dozen cobras from some website? That's another one I'm not sure about. It's a mystery, and mysteries are here to help us to learn about trust and perseverance, even when we can't get all the answers. Another question of course, is the location of the sixth cobra. But I totally think God wants me to find that out.

Anyway, the point of life is not the resolution at the end. It's the journey. The learning process. The attempt to fight these feelings of fear, and also muscle cramps and blurred vision, and reach my cellphone in time to call some paramedics. If it weren't difficult, we'd never grow during our time here on earth. I believe in a Deity who wants me to become a better person. The kind of person who is strong enough to deal with adversity and smart enough not to give my credit card number out to some random company in southeast Asia, just because their pictures of cobras look really cool.

Won't it be glorious some day, when we discover why we had to encounter difficulties? I plan on really savoring that moment when all is revealed. For now though, I'm just going to learn to take whatever the world dishes out with as much courage and hopefulness as...

Okay then. Well, that was number six.

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