Monday, March 11, 2013

I Just Got Bids From My Three Favorite Militias!

I don't know what to do. This is so exciting, and it's happening too fast for me to process it, really. Let me just say that I think all you guys in the Patriot Resistance, the Minutemen Alliance, and the Constitutional Guards - all of you are absolutely amazing people. It has been great to meet you, and I feel like I've just learned so much...  about myself... about concealed carry laws and purifying water... about more than I could name. Anyone would be lucky to be a part of your organizations.

I love this process. I really think it helps you connect with the different militia groups and find out which one is a good fit for you. If you have the right attitude! I can't stress that enough. I've seen a lot of people put way, way too much emphasis on legacies. Just because your parents want to dissolve the IRS and go back to the gold standard doesn't mean that you have to do the same. Maybe you want to patrol the border with Mexico, or prepare to fight firearm confiscation by the UN instead. Follow your heart, okay?

The Patriot Resistance - the PRs - started out as my top choice, because they just have that reputation for energy and spirit. And the first mixer when we all played memory games while we laid concertina wire around the perimeter was a real blast. I just felt like a PR, right there. But then I learned how the MA has a tradition of community service - they're constantly drilling to evacuate civilians in the event of an attack by FEMA shock troops. It touched me; it did. Now the Guards get blamed for - I'll make some enemies here, but I'll just go ahead and say it - having "an attitude." They're quieter and they're a little more withdrawn. Those first couple of nights when we learned about the true history of the Federal Reserve made me think I should just give it up. But those guys have a real bond. It's not as flashy, but it's intense. And when you're planning on waging a guerilla war against your nation's own army, you suddenly see why they're so awesome.

Anyway, they all came by yesterday. The PRs sang a medley of Karmin songs with all these hilarious references.  The MA and the Guards were more solemn. They told me to take my time and make the right decision. I even got a rose and an entrenching tool!

I have so much to think about. I've been listening to the Glee version of "We Are Young" on repeat for hours now. It just expresses everything I'm feeling. About all my new friends, and teamwork, and that thing Wardog said to me that makes me so choked up I can't even write it out. And of course, about overthrowing tyrannical governments. Because that's what all this is for, people.

I love you all. YOLO!

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  1. Well done.
    The truth is blowin' in the wind.


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