Friday, March 15, 2013

Thank You, Pat Robertson.

I'm in a weird place. CPAC is difficult to process. Rubio's making fun of himself with the water, and he's starting to sound like off-brand Reagan as he talks about moving the party forward by doing exactly the same thing in a different way. And Rand Paul keeps trolling the entire nation with his drone arguments that all somehow turn into scenes from Red Dawn. Yeesh, what to make of this stuff? Plus, I'm tired of the pope. I said it before, but it still makes me depressed.

When you're a guy who makes fun of stuff, some days you wake up and it's just not in you. And then you link to a site and see this. Pat Robertson. Who knew he was still out there? He looks good, too. This feels like vintage 80s stuff. He looks ready to go another 7 rounds with reality, and there's no way reality's going to lay a glove on the guy.

Pat Robertson, 82 years old, is still getting into wardrobe and makeup, walking out onto that stage and convincing you he sees demons floating all around him. And check out the nuance and artistry in this thing: A skeptical woman writes in about her utterly batshit relative, and he manages to agree with both of them. This man - a former presidential candidate, mind you - simultaneously endorses and distances himself from a world that ought to involve Wesley Snipes carving up vampires with a katana. He builds a box around himself and becomes a kind of Schrodinger's nutjob, and then we realize he's never going to come out of that thing at all and reveal his quantum state. No way. He's just going to wait quietly for the rest of us to join him in there.

Jesus, it's inspiring.

I salute you, Marion Gordon Robertson. You make me want to be a better version of myself. You remind us all that growth and refinement of technique is a lifelong journey. Even if that technique is crazy-talk.

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