Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rand Paul's Grand Slam Of Awful

Rand Paul is threatening to filibuster even those gun control bills he has not seen, and he's made it clear he opposes the kind of commonsense background checks that will help prevent dangerous people from being able to kill you.

And this completes the set. Paul is now an official member of every recent list you've seen of Republicans who voted in incomprehensible ways, because they hate it when government does its job.

He  opposed the Violence Against Women Act. He was a member of the "Hurricane Sandy Hypocrites," voting against disaster relief for others after requesting it for his own people. And he was one of the sponsors of the Life At Conception Act, which would redefine a fetus as a person with full legal rights at the moment of conception.

It's clear that Rand Paul wants your uterus to be more heavily regulated than that AR-15 you need to fight the UN invasion. He opposes not just government overreach, but government, period. He's against gay rights and he's not really sure whether evolution is a thing. If the feds are going to take action to curb school massacres or respond to a life-threating catastrophe, he's one of those people who will find an excuse to bug out. And he simply doesn't respect the rights of women. In any functioning democracy when a politician makes it his business to alienate more than half of the voters and cater to people living in bunkers, we say that candidate is not serious about national office. We don't have articles about how he's bringing his crazy beliefs into the mainstream.

Is this clear to everyone now? Can we stop talking about how he's some kind of new Republican?

People on the right ought to stop treating him like Jesus and John Galt had a curly-haired baby, and it spells out Peggy Noonan speeches with its blocks. People on the left need to find their balls and realize that occasionally agreeing with the guy on flying killer robots isn't going to help him to sneak into the White House. (Because when an unreasonable person says something reasonable the absolute worst thing you can do is argue. And I shouldn't even need to point that out, but somehow I feel like I hafta.)

We all have a fix on Rand Paul now? How many pieces of the puzzle does the guy need to put together, before we all agree he's an ordinary right winger? Can we dismiss him and move on to stomping Rubio? I have crap to do, and I want to stop bothering about this.

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  1. Another freekin' nut making law. How do people who otherwise seem halfway sane end up on this road to dumb sh*t? For the love of god, get a grip you nut jobs. The rest of the world is laughing at you. And I gotta share space on this continent with you? Read a freekin' book.


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