Thursday, April 11, 2013

The UN's Agenda 21: They're Trying To Seize The Bacon

We need to send a powerful message to Barack Obama and his globalist allies in the UN - Leave our bacon alone. Since he was elected after disparaging people in the heartland who cling to their guns and their religion, Obama has made it clear that he will simply not respect the rights of Christian Americans.

And what do those Christian Americans want more than anything else? It should be clear to you, because it's damn sure clear to our enemies. Christianity, from the very beginning, was focused like a laser on taking the Mosaic covenant and updating it to include sweet, sweet crackling pork fat. After the gay rights crowd finishes destroying the idea of marriage that we've gotten from the parts of the Bible we agree with, they're going to come after us by saying that we're hypocrites about the dietary laws. Haven't you already seen this? Open your eyes, people!

And the United Nations is already implementing its stealth program to impose totalitarian - yes, totalitarian - controls on our citizens with its sustainable growth program, Agenda 21. Republicans in states like Missouri and Oklahoma are banning it, and the Tea Party movement has mobilized against this, but you need to join the fight. Because even though the plan is a completely non-binding list of environmental goals from a largely incompetent organization... it's clear this is about establishing a one world government in the near future.

Plus, the guns. They are going to register your guns, so that they can take them away leaving you unable to defend yourselves. And with Obama's plan to destabilize the nation's economy, you won't have enough money to feed your own family - so you'll have to rely on government subsidies.

A plan to control agriculture and industry. A plan to take our weapons away. A plan to decide what we're going to eat. And a growing demonization of the Christian approach to hand-picking which Biblical commandments we're going to follow.

Don't you see? Doesn't it all make sense? This is all about the bacon, people.

That's as good a theory as any of the other ones out there. It involves the people we hate threatening the things we love. And we feel it's true, don't we? That's all it takes. Notify Alex Jones and Red State and your top thousand Facebook friends. They want our delicious freedoms.

We must stand up and tell them... from my cold, dead, greasy hands.


  1. Two words, brothers in arms and Christ:


    1. Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the Democratic party? They want to remove our bacon forever!

  2. They charged the head of the Sooner tea party with a felony for threatening his state senator over this. That's a felony? It's amazing that the dumbed down public would rather prosecute someone for gossip (a felony is a bit over the top) but not take every one of these Agenda 21 treasonous criminals out to the town square and put them in stocks.

  3. I swear, I can't tell if you are dead serious about your rants or just have a very strong sense of the whimsical.

  4. You can take my books...and I will still have can take my guns...I will still stand up for my freedom...but you won't be able to take my BACON...that aromatic, salty, and satisfying smell when being slowly and deliberately cooked in it's own this is a good reason to hunker down, load and lock, and await the least until the bacon runs out...

  5. Well, I thought our Socialist president and the immoral gays and the progressives would have destroyed America by now.

    They're coming for our guns, our bacon and are indoctrinating our children to become gay, so what are they waiting for? They've had since 2008 and none of those things have happened yet, so WHEN is this going to finally happen?

    I keep waiting and waiting for some of my freedoms to be taken away, but I still have the same freedoms I've always had. Someone's timeline is all wrong because all of these things were supposed to happen just a few months after Obama stole the election from John McCain and that true American warrior - Sarah Palin.

    I will pray to Jesus that these things actually start happening because until they do, we can't really fight them because so far they are only predictions. I'm ready to fight and restore America to the wonderful days of the Bush administration! Who's with me?


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