Wednesday, April 10, 2013

They Don't Respect Second Amendment Rights At Fuddruckers

These are dark times, my friends. Obama and the globalists are working to take your guns and cause economic and cultural collapse, so they can hold ultimate power over you. Everyone who isn't afraid of the truth already knows this. These people have allies everywhere - in Hollywood and the media, and especially in big business. And, it turns out, the gun grabbers have important ties with the security staff at major restaurant franchises.

Like Fuddruckers. You think it's the kind of place that respects freedom, because it allows you to build your own hamburger from an ample condiment bar? Nothing could more untrue. It is at that casual dining establishment that you will encounter the cold iron hand of tyranny.

Like a lot of people, I know that there's nothing this administration would like more than to seize my firearms and detain me as an enemy combatant. Only the sheeple think any differently. So, I've started carrying my arsenal with me everywhere I go. I am a sovereign citizen and a part of the well-regulated militia that our Founders envisioned. You claim your unconstitutional "gun control laws" say I can't bring my legally-obtained AR-15 into a public space in order to defend myself against possible attacks by thugs and criminals and jackbooted authorities like "Gary," the assistant manager (if that's even his real name)? Molon Labe, people.

The other thing I know is that under common law, I have the right to freely enter into contracts with other adults, and I expect that those contracts will be honored. The so-called federal government is so busy enforcing extreme liberal social policy, that it doesn't accomplish the basics, like making sure that an eating establishment that bills itself as having the "world's greatest hamburgers" and advertises a wide selection of toppings isn't going to suddenly decide that running out of jalapenos is "no big deal." I'm sorry. I didn't fight in 23 weekend training exercises with the Wisconsin Citizens Fusiliers to see my God-given natural rights flushed down the drain, just because some produce truck jackknifed in another state. Listen to me, you statists like Attorney General Holder and Gary - your excuses don't let you take my freedoms away. And if you try, I'm going to get mad and then you'll have a problem on your hands. It's going to be the same way when you finally come for our weapons and put us into camps. We're going to fight back, and people are going to get hurt.

This time it was me, sure. I thought those taserings were really, really unnecessary. And the restraining order shows me you don't respect this country. Not really.

So be it, Fuddruckers. It just proves to me that I need to be growing more of my own food and living off the grid. And I need to spend time with people who are not afraid of real American values.

Not Wendy's of course. They're a bunch of liars.


  1. Nut case?

    A fearsome epigy that scares other (meek, remember the meek will inherit...) people away from their presence.

    Really confident, self-respecting people don't need to carry fire-arms in modern 21st century USA. He's a throw back and return to a much less civilized time.

    Super-Macho with death wish?

    1. Or possibly a really hilarious satirist?

  2. Going off the grid and raising your own food is a positive act. To think that government is tuned to your thinking, and will solve your issues is not on.

    Living well is the best revenge.

  3. And shame of Fuddruckers for following all that government regulation that keeps your food fresh, sanitation rules, and paying their employees sick leave! Omg!

  4. Oh dear - I think some of your readers need their sarcasm meters recalibrated!


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