Monday, May 20, 2013

Just How Insane Is E.W. Jackson, The GOP Pick For Lt. Governor In Virginia?

A few days ago Republicans in Virginia decided that E.W. Jackson would carry the party's banner in the race for Lt. Governor. Jackson is by all accounts a brilliant and accomplished man - a preacher, a retired Marine, and a lawyer. He's also crazier than a rat in a bingo cage.

The man has compared Planned Parenthood to the KKK and the Democratic Party to slave masters in the South. He believes gay people bring God's judgment on this country, and also - this is kind of a new wrinkle - they're inflicting a "totalitarian spirit" on America.

But the true sign of how insane he is occurs at 0:17 of the video above. He's chatting with SNL has-been and shrieky overgrown Bride of Chucky Victoria Jackson, and when he gets to the part about how Barack Obama isn't even a Christian - he's an atheist Muslim who is also the devil - she just about explodes in agreement. The hysterical relief and gratitude is scary and touching at the same time. It's like someone finally came along and admitted he could really see William Howard Taft there in the corner too.

Simply put: E.W. Jackson's crazy is a match to ignite the powder keg of lunacy that was already there.

The real problem is that Virginia, my beloved home, is absolutely packed with these batcrap psychotics. It is a well-shaped pyramid of charcoal briquettes, soaked in lighter fluid and tended by Pat Robertson wearing a "Kiss The Cook" apron... and nothing else.

We need to keep Jackson out of the big office, or he's going to start a blaze we won't be able to put out. It will look something like this: 


  1. At some point she is going to break character, turn to the camera, and say, "Hey, right wing nutbars, I've been yanking your chain all this time. You think anybody would actually believe this shit? You think anybody would sincerely act like this? You gullible fools!"

    Right? Right?

  2. And to think that I emigrated from Canada and became a United States citizen. But to tell you the truth, I think, as the saying goes, the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket. There are more bat shit crazies running for high office in a lot or countries than I can ever recall -- and I’m pretty old. If a nut case like this ever took office as POTUS, I’m going back to Canada. At least there it doesn’t seem like the nut cases can do as much damage because of the limited population, geography, lack of military might, etc.

    I don’t know. I’m just talking through my hat, I suppose, but I have to admit that I get more than a little concerned when I come across things like this post. I might also add that I know a few people like this guy -- and they’re Mormons! President Obama makes their blood boil and I can almost detect murderous intent in their voices and body language. Scary.

  3. This demonstrates the disconnect between religion and morality about as well as it can be.



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