Thursday, June 13, 2013

Edward Snowden Is Crazy, They Say

Or he's a traitor. A narcissist, maybe. He might be unbalanced, a political extremist, a misanthrope. And now he's about to help the Chinese government.

No matter what the truth, it's obvious we shouldn't believe what he says. Maybe we're even at war with guys like him.

Here's my problem with this line of argument: Only a few weeks ago Edward Snowden was a trusted intelligence professional with years of experience. And the people in the government and media who are maligning him now? Back then - back in that ancient, innocent world of mid-May, 2013 - these people wanted me to let Snowden have access to my private data so he could help fight al-Qaeda.

Have I got all this right? Okay, two questions:

1. How many more Edward Snowdens are still in the intelligence community? How many people with (alleged) mental problems, a serious God-complex, a hatred of America, and access to the records of millions of its citizens? Any idea who else slipped into that crack squad you've got working on Team America?

2. What's the next Edward Snowden going to do? What reckless and terrible thing is the next hero-turned-malcontent going to accomplish with all our information? Isn't it possible he won't go the whistle-blower route? Isn't it possible he'll use his secrets to make money or to help his favorite politicians, or something even sketchier and more dangerous?

Discredit him or believe the guy... it doesn't really matter. Because either way, it brings us to the same conclusion:

Maybe no one should have that much power.


  1. If all they've got against Snowden is ad hominum arguments, maybe it merits a look at their own justifications and behaviors?

  2. stop being a water carrier, it's very unattractive.

    1. I am literally not defending or otherwise saying a good word about anyone this piece. I'm not defending Snowden, Obama, the intelligence community, or the critics of the administration, many of whom are crazy.

      Usually half-assed anonymous blog comments are vaguely unfair, ill-informed, or beside the point. You found a way to be actually demonstrably false.

      Whilst spelunking in the caves of internet ignorance you found a way to go deeper than anyone ever managed. Good for you!


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