Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Don't Ever Want To Stop Making GIFs Of Glenn Beck

I was put on this earth to do a few things: To love my wife and children; To laugh hard at the ridiculously evil; And to make delicious GIFs of Glenn Beck.

I couldn't do it of course, without the tireless efforts of Right Wing Watch. And I couldn't do it without Glenn himself, a true artist who works almost exclusively in a medium of his own devising - some strange blend of Hallmark Special schmaltz and apocalyptic paranoia that is so utterly American it makes me feel like I'm being waterboarded in a megachurch.

Look at the latest sample of the man's oeuvre. The majestic sweep of the arms like the wings of some delicate bird from the Tropic of Crazy. And that last moment at the end - the teensiest little hip thrust that announces "I hear voices, and I dress like TJ Maxx threw up, but in my world of scared older white people, I radiate the sexual power of a rock god ." You might spend time on the internet watching the crack-smoking mayor or the bigoted guy in an Elmo suit.

But Glenn Beck will not be ignored.

(NOTE: The GIF comes from this clip. And the instruction "laugh hard at the ridiculously evil" comes from a sign I saw in Times Square years ago. It's good advice, and I commend whoever wrote it.)


  1. The .gif was annoying at first, but now it's become sort of...hypnotic.


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