Saturday, August 17, 2013

We're Not Destroying Your Privacy. We're Just Holding It For You.

There's been a lot of crazy talk out there. Maybe it's got you concerned. We understand that: These new revelations about the NSA violating the law sure seem troubling. Even the head of that secret court that's supposed to keep them in check is worried they're out of control.

Deep down, you know we're spying on you. The only thing you don't know is how bad it is.

Well, stop worrying, okay? Your government values your privacy more than ever before. We are not going to destroy it. We're just going to hold it for you.

And believe us, right now we really need that stuff.

In 21st century America, privacy has become one of our most precious natural resources. That's why every time you lose some of it, be certain countless federal employees are working to collect it and squirrel it away so it can be used.

For every phone call we analyze, there's a legal memo about the Fourth Amendment that needs to get lost in a file. Each time we collect a piece of email, there's a civilian casualty to hide, or a Syrian operation to smother. The privacy you provide is never wasted. It goes to help lawyers, interrogators, and Special Forces people in those units that don't exist. We have targeted killings and other missions all over the world... and we must preserve that privacy to keep the whole thing running.

Sure, you're used to having it for yourself. But we can use it so much more effectively this way. We will maximize it, until this is the most private government in US history.

And you? There's always a role for you. After all, you're the public.

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