Friday, December 6, 2013

The Blog Is Going Into Hibernation Until Next Year

Greetings Internet:

I am working on the novel -- The Black Book Of Children's Bible Stories -- and I've reached a place where it sucks up all my writing time.

As a result I will not be updating until early 2014.

99.9999% of you do not care, because you have cat videos and pornography to contend with. For those that remain, I apologize. I'm only one man, and my talents are limited. If you've been putting off reading my ebook, The Big Money, now's the chance to part with that 99 cents burning a hole in your pocket. Kindle and Nook versions are available. But no pressure or anything. I don't want to spoil what we have here.

Anyway, have a very joyous holiday season, and I promise to come back in the New Year with guns blazing.


  1. Dear Paul,

    Thanks for the 112 posts of 2013.

    Good luck finishing your new book.

    Until 2014 -

    All best wishes,


  2. If you love someone, let them go. If they come back, nobody else wanted them.

    Good luck on the book, thanks for the laughs, and see you in 2014.

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting guys! It was always nice to see your respective bylines. And yeah, MH, don't worry about my return. I have NO OTHER SKILLS.

  4. The good news: I don't have to look at a corn dog anymore.

    More good news: You are going to finish your book (you ARE going to finish your new book!)

    Even more good news: There is no bad news! All is good--Merry Christmas, Merry Holidays, Merry Hanukkah, Merry New Year--merry anything less than 96-98% absolute proof!

    And the best news: You are not going to post a reply.

    Read ya next year!


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