Monday, November 24, 2014

I Went To UVA And I Hope They Sue The Everloving Crap Out Of It

I got my undergraduate degree from that rape school you've read about. (And if you haven't, you should. Sabrina Rubin Erdely wrote an important piece.)

I loved Virginia. I did. I have so many good memories of that place. I learned things, and I wrote things, and I made lifelong friends, and women broke my heart, and I got good and drunk, and that was where I dated the person who became my wife.

And I hope the class action lawsuit against it leaves nothing but a fucking crater.

Seriously. I want all the people who were raped or assaulted at that institution to find representation, and I want the settlement to be so ugly and onerous that the administration has to sell the Rotunda to Walmart to pay for it. Do you think there are many? Gee, I do not know. But it sure seems like if a bunch of frat brothers commit a gang rape in their own house right in the middle of their own party and do nothing whatsoever to conceal the identity of one of their ringleaders... that kind of tells me that they don't have much of a fear of getting caught. Which sort of makes me think this kind of thing may have happened before. Oh, and also we know it did.

And while we're on the subject of things that are obvious, here's a quote from an article about the police investigation of the crime: They have few updates at this point, but the delayed reporting may pose problems for officers tasked with the investigation. According to NBC29 legal analyst Lloyd Snook, without any physical evidence collected right after the alleged sexual assault, a future prosecution could be a challenge. 

Yeah, evidently if you're a school administration official, and someone reports a felony to you, and instead of calling the cops you have some kind of informal process where you chat about it a lot, and you might not even expel the guilty party, and the result is that the cops don't get to the crime scene for two years... that might make justice difficult. So about that suit: Do you think there was a pattern going on here? Do you think people in the frat and at the university knew about it? Do you think their lack of diligence made the school dangerous for incoming students?

The University knowingly exposed its students to the risk of sexual assault through a systematic lack of reporting of crimes on and near its campus. That's obvious. The only question is who is out there. How many people are out there.

I hope they come in from the shadows and tell their stories. I hope UVA loses money until everyone in the administration has to wear hairnets to make extra cash. I hope that fraternity simply doesn't exist anymore.

You already know these people aren't going to reform themselves. Someone needs to take money from them, serious money, and then they will pay attention. Then we might have a real change in our colleges. If you are out there, and you have a story, please go find yourself a lawyer and start the long overdue process.

UPDATE: I feel foolish I didn't spot the holes in Rolling Stone's story. Looking back on the story, the omissions seem pretty glaring. I have opinions about all this, but the revelations are coming thick and fast, and I am being more careful with this thing. I'm not taking the post down, because I don't want to pretend I didn't write it. Believe me, I'm tempted.


  1. It's the 1% impunity which Must BE PUNISHED!

  2. fucking rights. hit em the only place anything hurts anymore. the wallet.

  3. Reading the article in RS, what struck me was the absolute sense of clueless entitlement. The perps didn't even have a glimmer of an idea that what they did was wrong.

    I started the thought, "Thomas Jefferson wouldn't recognize this place," but then thought, "He was a rich white 18th century slave owner (and probably a sexual exploiter) - he would recognize it."

    My grandfather taught at UVA for decades and my mother grew up there and also attended. They lived at Pavilion V, on The Lawn. I played around the Rotunda as a child. I agree with you. Make an example of the place. Leave it flat and glowing in the dark.


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