Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Chris Christie Won't Let The Government Stop You From Trepanning Your Kids

Parenting is about personal choice. Republicans like Chris Christie and Rand Paul understand that. Only you, the head of the house, should be the one to make important decisions about how to prevent life-threatening illnesses. That's just good common sense. Some people choose to vaccinate their kids while others want to consider natural options, such as trepanning.

Moms and dads are suspicious of government bureaucrats forcing them to inject potentially harmful chemicals into their kids when they haven't explored traditional approaches like skull perforation to let evil spirits out. Republicans agree that you know best how to keep your child healthy. The state needs to back off. We have to respect individual freedom and personal values. Some political official telling you that you can't treat illness the way you want, with help from a minister or retired actress, or even an informational website that also sells gold for when the UN confiscates our currency? That's just crazy.

Bringing up children is complicated. There are many, many options out there; that's why the GOP wants to empower families to decide things like what kind of biological science is best for them and their worldview. Whether it's teaching your kids about intelligent design, using prayer to end homosexuality, or just locking your daughter in the root cellar for menstruating... this country was founded on protecting freedom. The government should never get in the way of the personal convictions of whoever is the oldest person in the family with a penis.

Progressives want to keep you in fear of a horde of threats. It's their way of scaring you into listening to their experts and following their regulations. It's about increasing the power of the state, and you know that. You just do. That's why you aren't going to let them tell you whether the ocean levels are rising or you can't smoke around the baby. You vote Republican because you believe, deep down, that scientists in liberal universities and busybody agencies are in a massive conspiracy to lie to you about everything that doesn't agree with what you hear at church or from companies you like and their lobbyists, or from that nice retired judge on Fox.

Chris Christie wants your support. And fortunately for him, there is a whole nation of people like you out there.

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  1. While you make some good points, you really don't understand the difference between vaccine propaganda and vaccine science. It's kind of like the science of fluoridation - really not that good for you! Do more research on Vaccine choice and you'll find a lot of well-reasoned articles and scientific studies on what vaccines have really wrought - and it ain't pretty!

    1. In theory, I hear you. But we're talking about measles vaccinations here. My opinion is pretty much this:

    2. Expert commentary on fluoridation:

  2. "... they haven't explored traditional approaches like skull perforation to let evil spirits out."

    That's because doctors found out 200 years ago that it just doesn't work.

    You know what else doesn't work?
    Strawman arguments. They just make you look foolish and desperate to win an argument. You would have flunked high school debate class if you tried to use that argument in a debate.

    Here's something else to consider. The people who declare all vaccines are safe are the same people who declare safe GMOs, factory farmed foods, more toxins in our drinking water, greater exposure to radiation and fracking.

    On a regular basis, the FDA has to recall certain pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines because it was found out too late that industry paid for fraudulent studies declared them safe.

    The solution is to use independent researchers to strictly apply the scientific method to all research that pertains to the health and well being of the people. Then maybe, we would not have so many people mistrusting the government's ulterior motives.

  3. Mock on!

    I'm as suspicious of authority as anyone I know. I don't trust big pharma or their semi-captured boffins at the FDA. But damn, vaccination has a long and successful history. We've eliminated smallpox from the planet with it. People forget that smallpox changed the course of history.

    I was talking with my 88 year old father about this, and he recalled spending a week in the hospital with measles as a child. People he knew were permanently handicapped by it. Children died.

    There's a mournful little grave site out on Star Island, off the coast of NH, where three sisters are buried. They died as children within a month of each other from diphtheria. That doesn't happen anymore because of vaccines.

    Mock on, Paul.

    1. Thank you.

      Hey, come back to the comments if you get a moment today! We're getting a link to this piece on Crooks and Liars, and you KNOW that I'll have some visitors surf in to tell me what an asshole I am.


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