Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mike Huckabee Has Links To The Hate Group That Helped Radicalize Dylann Roof

The Daily Beast is reporting that Dylann Roof's manifesto has been found. In it, Roof claims the first website he found which radicalized him was owned by a hate group called the Council of Conservative Citizens. 

The links between this group and the GOP are numerous, but they don't touch on many players in the party of the elephant who are relevant today. 

With one exception - an actual 2016 GOP contender, Mike Huckabee. 

Making coded appeals to white racism is nothing new for Huckabee. Indeed, well before he was a nationally known political star, Huckabee nurtured a relationship with America's largest white supremacist group, the Council of Conservative Citizens. The extent of Huckabee's interaction with the racist group is unclear, but this much is known: he accepted an invitation to speak at the group's annual conference in 1993 and ultimately delivered a videotaped address that was "extremely well received by the audience." This appeared in a HuffPo article in 2011. 

Mike Huckabee shouldn't be in the race. You already knew that. But this ought to take him out.

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