Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Captain Jack Sparrow" And "George Pataki" Are Running For President

I've been wading through all the crazy presidential candidates no one knows about. Yesterday, I found that person named Sara Paylin and posted about it. But I have two more for you.

One is "Jack Sparrow," an independent candidate from Lincoln City, OR. The other is "George Pataki," a Republican from New York, NY. I don't know if Jack Sparrow is the guy's real name, or what his platform is. His email titles him "Captain Jack Sparrow," but that can't be right. As for "George Pataki," that is his real name, and evidently - I've looked this up - he used to be governor of New York.

Who knows why these oddballs decide to run for president? I'm sure it started as a goof and just got out of hand. With "Jack Sparrow," probably it was his drinking buddy who told him to adopt the persona of a movie pirate and see how far that could go. With Pataki, it may have been an overzealous pollster.

On one hand you think these people are kind of cluttering up the process. I mean, having a pretend-pirate or George Pataki in the presidential race kind of kills the seriousness of the whole thing. But they keep things light and interesting, I guess.

Good luck to both of them! They'll need it.

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