Thursday, July 16, 2015

Conservatives Oppose The Iran Deal Because There Are People Out There We Haven't Killed Yet

As you know, the United States and five other nations reached an accord with Iran to limit their nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. Many people think this is an important and hopeful moment in our troubled relations with that country. But conservatives oppose the deal for a very compelling reason: There are still people we haven't killed yet.

It's shocking, I know. But I looked into it, and it's true.

Did you know the Middle East still contains hundreds of millions of people who haven't yet been killed by a US intervention or its aftermath? That's just crazy. It doesn't seem possible, does it?

More striking are the number of people here at home who haven't been killed by an overseas deployment. The United States population is 318 million, and the vast majority of our citizens haven't even been wounded in some kind of failed decades-long war against insurgencies and terrorist groups which was undertaken for reasons no one can explain.

Conservatives have tried to do what they could, sure. They've supported multiple US operations in the region, backing a series of monarchs and strongmen, and selling weapons to absolutely everyone who wants them. But the sad fact remains that we have to keep intervening in countries, destroying governments, and waging a targeted killing campaign at an incredible pace just to keep up with population growth. Conservatives need your help if they're going to kill people in the numbers necessary to make a real dent in this problem.

We can't afford to cool off hostility with Iran now. Not if we want to lay the groundwork for the coups and assassinations of the future.

Let me raise the nightmare scenario: What's going to happen if the Iranians get into a proxy war against Saudis and Israelis, and we're not even involved? If the people killing and dying on those battlefields aren't your friends and neighbors? Do you really want to look your son in the eye and say, "Sorry, big guy. I wanted you to get your limbs blown off over the economic interests of some monarchy in a country I can't even pronounce. But we just didn't prepare." I don't think any of us could live with ourselves if that happened. I don't think any of us want to turn on CNN, see some horrific and senseless tragedy in a marketplace, or a village, or at a wedding, and not be able to say to themselves, "We're still number one, damnit."

It's a tough situation. But it's not hopeless. With any luck, we'll be able to stop this deal, intensify the hostility between our nations... and then in a few years, countries like Iran will be pursuing secret weapons programs that will help us really tackle the problem of all those people who have yet to be killed in war.

I'm sure we can do this. And so are you.

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