Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Democratic Party And The Liberal Movement Need To Prove Themselves To Black People

You can't benefit from good middle class jobs if you're dead.
You won't care about income equality if you're dead.
Choice will not matter to you if you're dead.
An end to homophobia will bring you no joy if you're dead.
You can't be concerned whether a glass ceiling somewhere gets broken if you're dead.
And you certainly will not bother about whether the party you voted for gets their candidates into office, if those candidates didn't stop someone from ending your life in a holding cell, on a street corner, or during one of those routine stops that's becoming more routine every day.

Are activists from Black Lives Matter hurting your favorite celebrity's chances to get into that nice office?
Do you think your favorite celebrity already earned their support, earned their vote, deserves their devotion, because of how great he or she has been to African Americans? As if basic respect for the people who voted for your celebrity all these years is a gift?

Fuck you. People are dying.
Fix it or your favorite celebrity has no business being in power.
Fix it or get lost.

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