Thursday, July 30, 2015

"You Know I'm From Africa, Right?" By Cecil The Lion


Thanks for the good wishes, everybody. I mean that. But I gotta say, I have mixed feelings about all this attention. People are chasing after the guy who shot me - there's talk about how they're going to bring him to trial. It's a tragedy, they're saying. A tragedy.

Yes, an awful lot of white Americans on Facebook are really torn up about this. And that's not a bad thing. No. It's just that - since I'm from Africa myself - I've been following the news for awhile, and well, it turns out I'm not the first guy from my part of the world who's been killed by a twitchy Caucasian with anger management issues and something to prove. Not the first. Not at all. But this feels like the first time you gave a crap enough to do anything about it.

Did you know that? There's a list - a long, long, heartbreakingly long list - of individuals of African descent who've met the same fate. In my case, everybody jumped up and said it was completely indefensible. Everybody. No one's spreading photos of me looking mean and tough... maybe eating gazelles with my buddies or menacing old-lady tourists. No one's saying I should have cooperated with the guy who killed me. Someone pops a lion from Africa - an actual predator who's not even a member of your species - and you can't do enough to show how much you care. But human beings in your own country - your fellow citizens - are afraid for their lives from law enforcement, from rent-a-cop vigilantes, and from every racist nutjob ready to exercise his Second Amendment rights on a defenseless congregation... and what have you done to stop it? Have any of your candidates stepped up to talk serious policy change? Have we seen anyone tell us how civil rights are going to be the main focus of the Department of Justice? Have local and state police forces started pulling apart their methods trying to stop this insanity?

Seriously, white people. What the actual fuck is wrong with you?

What's so awful about this is how long it's been going on. This last year or so is really just a continuation of the kind of violence that goes back to before the Civil War. At what point do you look at it and just realize it's a betrayal of everything this country is supposed to promise people? Jesus, how can you say the pledge of allegiance without crying? I spent a large portion of my day licking my own ass, and even I knew this. It's the complete breakdown of the legitimacy of the criminal justice system in America. How does your average pasty middle-aged dude not see it?

Anyway, I've got to go. We have a lot of feeding times, up here in Lion Heaven. It's pretty sweet. Don't mourn me, people. You've got an entire nation of people who are still alive. They need your help. And they damn sure deserve your respect. Save your country from what's happening.

Cecil out.

(Note: Photo by Kevin Pluck. Copyright info here.)

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